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Radio station:

Radio 2000

Country: South Africa
Language: English
City: Johannesburg
Stream type: Win Media 22k
Genre: World music
Rating: Radio 2000 Rating 4 stars


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Listen to Radio 2000 now!

Radio 2000 Reviews

21-04-2016  |  
I cant live without tuning in to Radio 2000 ,this is the best one in the complex
05-07-2013  |  
This station is over ratted bcz its powerful last number I’m @ work but can’t afford not to listen to radio 2000, bigup to may man king 'd'mashabela ,betha charoma,just ice,bambo jonson yheeeyheeeyheee
02-07-2013  |  
Azwindini N
i want power fm
30-04-2013  |  
Best Radio station ever
24-04-2013  |  
ramse l
its so cool, i like the station Djs
12-04-2013  |  
I like this radio station because it is informative and provide current updates. I will need to know the programme so that I can know what to listen at what time. Thanks
08-03-2013  |  
This is my favourite station and I love the old school music they play
26-02-2013  |  
Nokulunga S. aka Nunu
Its getting better everyday. I can listen to it sunrise to sunset.
Though I have never head you play my favourite song, ONE WING BY JORDIN SPARKS. Other than that I cannever subsitute you with any radio station, the best way is: it is suitable for everyone young or old. You will not believe that I leave with my 85 year old granny but we both enjoy it. Thank you. Keep up the good work
22-12-2012  |  
there much enfacy on this rep like reggae ; wish that that steady reggae can also get air waves i think its called ska , i shut off to it
09-11-2012  |  
23-10-2012  |  
Nunu S.
Guys you rock. I am at work with lots of stress but you made my day. Timmy Tomas reminds me of my uncle Roy Letsekha. Take a bow guys
09-09-2012  |  
Its awesome, out-swaggers a lotta s.a stations..