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Radio station:

Naija 101.1 FM

Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
City: London
Stream type: Win Media 48 kbps
Genre: World music
Rating: Naija 101.1 FM Rating 3 stars


► Listen to Naija 101.1 FM online now!

Listen to Naija 101.1 FM now!

Naija 101.1 FM Reviews

15-09-2013  |  
Andrew T
The station is very educative and great entertainer
05-09-2013  |  
Coucou Haute Couture
Not too bad
10-06-2013  |  
i really love this station.
07-06-2013  |  
olumoko 1 of woolwich
I love ur radio station keep it on, but too much religious service we need something to keep us going not fake religiuos
22-03-2013  |  
Just listened to Rock of Love programme, very interesting and uplifting.
22-03-2013  |  
21-02-2013  |  
Hi, please when you put advert on radio, please can you put a disclaimer advert, this will protect your station .
And some of the advert you air is just like abuse especially when it comes to all these Nigeria herbal medications.
The claim that herbal medication does not have side effect is a lie as our body metabolism is different to each other even water sometimes do have side effect..
please , please, please before any advert aired on your radio, can set up a review team to screen and review it before its aired.
Anything called medicine must be registered in the uk.-
-There some people who can sell anything as long they make money ,they dont care who is destroyed .
Above all you are doing a wonderful job.
12-01-2013  |  
You are doing a fantastic job. Thanks for your initiative.
11-01-2013  |  
jk more
26-11-2012  |  
Is a very good radio station.
19-10-2012  |  
PLs there is difficulty in the online radio station Thanx.
18-10-2012  |  
Radio Shaker
Unfortunately it is a problem on their end. We checked their site, and they have the same stream we are using.
18-10-2012  |  
I am a regular listener of this station via the internent, for some hours now the station stopped broadcasting, is there a problem from your end?
04-10-2012  |  
This station has been fantastic,educative & informative since i discovered it i have been addictive to it,i listen to it everyday.
23-09-2012  |  
we can hear u properly
06-09-2012  |  
I enjoy naija FM.