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Radio station:

Munghana Lonene FM 89.4

Country: South Africa
Language: Xitsonga
City: Limpopo
Stream type: Win Media 22k
Genre: World music
Rating: Munghana Lonene FM 89.4 Rating 4 stars


► Listen to Munghana Lonene FM 89.4 online now!

Listen to Munghana Lonene FM 89.4 now!

Munghana Lonene FM 89.4 Reviews

30-04-2016  |  
Munghana Lonene
I enjoyed listening to my home radio station from radio shaker until something I do not know happened and it blocked my connection. I can not get to listen to my favorited radio station.
02-09-2015  |  
munghana l
the station keeps me going whenever i need to get going on a tough day as a student.
09-03-2015  |  
floyd s.
nikombela ml fm naa ya ala laha ninga kona naa loko niyizama hi web site.

Radio shaker reply: We're very sorry but we do not understand your question.
31-10-2013  |  
I love you munghana lone, u rock
29-10-2013  |  
I listen to Munghana Lonene all the time i have learned lot of thing from this station especially on Thursdays on women services, it has empowered me spiritual and I'm happy to listen to the station all the time. Thanks to Munghana Lonene.
12-10-2013  |  
mpetu kh
it sound very perfect thank you
11-09-2013  |  
Tsakani Oupa R
Morning my sister , i just enjoyed the song you just played about Mzwakhe Mbuli, its inspire me and make me realized that SA is coming a long way to freedom. I enjoy your programme my sister.
20-08-2013  |  
Lazarus N
keep up the good work
18-07-2013  |  
mpetu k
im loving this radio infact this page
14-06-2013  |  
mbuyelo m
this is da best station i ever listen íts rocks
05-06-2013  |  
mokoena irene, from germiston
heita mlfm heita,plz keep playing our traditional music, we like it, keep growing up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22-05-2013  |  
Best Venacular radio station ever
08-05-2013  |  
mokoena irene
we love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.... munghana lonene fm; please just keep it up the good work, we are very proud of you guys.
02-05-2013  |  
Lazarus Lucky N
It's good to listen to my home radio station far from home. Thank you AntFM
27-04-2013  |  
Lazarus Lucky N
Good companion even if you are far from home. It reminds you who you are and get you in touch with your ownself. Keep up the good work!!!
23-04-2013  |  
mbuyelo nwa-socha
this is the best station
20-04-2013  |  
It is very nice because I can listen to different radio station, news, sport and many more
11-04-2013  |  
nomsa m
this is the best radio i don't wanna miss everyday munghana u rock
08-04-2013  |  
this is the best radio station ever,i love it very much
03-04-2013  |  
i like munghana lonene fm. pls just keep it up the good work
23-03-2013  |  
We love Munghana Lonene, but I think they should also build a radio station in Bushbuckridge because travelling to Polokwane is too far for us. You find sometimes we want to visit station we found it difficult because is too far, please help sabc think for us please??
10-03-2013  |  
Hectar N.
MLFM rocks, keep it up
10-03-2013  |  
Hectar N.
I love this station very much, you guys rock keep it up guys, keep LP at greater heights.Shout out to Joy Maswanganyi at Turfloop University, Love you joy
08-03-2013  |  
Oscar B
14-02-2013  |  
its the best radio station ever, am blessed with the music your playing today. keep the good work up.
27-01-2013  |  
12-01-2013  |  
Sithomola P M.
You are the best of the best Radio station
14-12-2012  |  
Siyela M.
I like this radio station because it feeds the nation with current affairs.
29-10-2012  |  
I think Munghana Lonene FM is number one radio station in the world. Whatever you go Munghana Lonene FM is with you. Kenneth M. from Hendrina
26-10-2012  |  
goodwell rendy m.
my number one station munghana lonene ani kombela ku mi nghenisa station xa mina eka dstv please
28-08-2012  |  
The station keep me up to date by everything,I'm recommending that station is offering good service.