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Online radio, world music

The online radio world music stations of Radio Shaker bring you a large variety of world music. This form of music contains many traditional and ethnic music experiences from all over the world. The Radio Shaker's world music radio selection is a unique mix of world music. Take a shake and discover the world's best stations!

Wold music artist

World music was founded in 1882 with the French World Music Day in 21 June. This event became a yearly phenomenon and the popularity of the ethnical music spread throughout the world ever since. Famous artist who adopted world music in their repertoire are Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel and Johnny Clegg. World music opens non-western music to a broad, global audience. More and more music shops take world music in their assortment. Tradional and modern Wold music is more than traditional folk or ethnic music. It also contains different regional sorts of music, classical as well as modern. Well-known instruments of world music are the kora, steel drum, didgeridoo and the sitar. Although world music is widely spread, music experts find it hard to categorize this form because of the scarcity of the many different sorts the music represents.

Visit our world music radio selection and enjoy all sorts of world music!


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