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Radio station:

FBN Fundamental Broadcast Network

Country: US - North Carolina
Language: English
City: Newport NC
Stream type: Win Media 128k
Genre: Various & Other - Religious
Rating: FBN Fundamental Broadcast Network Rating 4 stars


► Listen to FBN Fundamental Broadcast Network online now!

Listen to FBN Fundamental Broadcast Network now!

FBN Fundamental Broadcast Network Reviews

08-02-2014  |  
I have been listening to this station ever since it came on the air enjoy it fully.
11-10-2013  |  
dave r
love you in christ. miss you pastor Eborn
10-10-2013  |  
William M
May God continue to bless FBN ministries. I love the great preaching and singing.
11-09-2013  |  
Robert W
Great Christian music & preaching 24hrs a day
21-04-2013  |  
We just love it . Thank God for this chanel. Pleas keep it on line.
02-04-2013  |  
I love your station. It is Heaven sent. Thanks be to God. Keep up the good work.
04-03-2013  |  
michele s. from south shore Quebec/Canada
It is so wonderfull to have old christians songs and good preachings of the real Bible . God bless this fbn radio .
21-01-2013  |  
a great bible beliveing teaching station.THE TRUTH.JESUSAMEN.
21-11-2012  |  
17-10-2012  |  
Marcyne H.
I am Judy F. friend from Pensacola...Didn't know of the web site....enjoying it this evening. Will be checking in often now. I will try to get a check off to you as soon as possible. God bless you all.
18-09-2012  |  
Love this station!!! Have it on my laptop,car, thanks Bill
11-09-2012  |  
Quero ouvir a programação do dia 10 de setembro de 2012, da fbn fundamental broadcast network - US-North Carolina, para gravar.
I want to hear the day's schedule September 10, 2012, broadcast of FBN fundamental network - US-North Carolina, to record.