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Radio station:

Radio Fouta Djallon Internationale

Country: France
Language: French
City: Fouta Djallon GN
Stream type: Windows Media Player
Genre: Various & Other - Public & Community
Rating: Radio Fouta Djallon Internationale Rating 4 stars


► Listen to Radio Fouta Djallon Internationale online now!

Listen to Radio Fouta Djallon Internationale now!

Radio Fouta Djallon Internationale Reviews

11-04-2013  |  
Thank you so much for choosing RFDI.
Merci beaucoup de choisir la RFDI
On jaaraama su6agol RFDI.
Skype: rfdi.fouta
05-11-2012  |  
alpha amadou b.
It's an execllnt, Radio.I'm very happy about this Radio.I want to thanks God for giving this idea to you guys. Thank you all for your good jobs. God bless!!
23-10-2012  |  
Salam, komin jalloh Holland, yandi hilan fala adres skyp radio fouta on.yandi addanelan ka skyp aan. yandi hilan sabi jaba mon on.
on jarama fii emmision on. waslam.
07-10-2012  |  
Ali Bah
I thanks u gS so much,I hope u continue yr good job u doing and spread it out to the young ones back home for them not to leve the country like us thanks. ali
19-09-2012  |  
I appreciate and I wish you all the best and I wish you will get other innovation for our blessed fouta.....