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Radio station:

KSJV Radio Bilingue 91.5 FM

Country: US - California
Language: Spanish
City: Fresno CA
Stream type: Win Media 32k
Genre: Various & Other - Public & Community
Rating: KSJV Radio Bilingue 91.5 FM Rating 4 stars


► Listen to KSJV Radio Bilingue 91.5 FM online now!

Listen to KSJV Radio Bilingue 91.5 FM now!

KSJV Radio Bilingue 91.5 FM Reviews

29-10-2016  |  
thomas c
Play good tejano music in Califa keep up the good work.
10-01-2014  |  
Love your. Guys. Music
29-12-2013  |  
heraclio l
hola buenas tardes, quiero mandar saludos para mis papas julio leon santiago de plan de guadalupe cuquila ,y le puede conplacer una cancion desde eugene oregon.
25-12-2013  |  
Gregory R
first time on here merry Christmas Lisa!
07-12-2013  |  
The best Tejano music from the greatest Tejano legends and artists.
DJ Alma is a perfect choice for this station. This is her background...this is what she knows best...Tejano music!
01-11-2013  |  
Rene P
Awesome station
28-06-2013  |  
Anna Marie
Love this station, cannot retrieve on my computer
01-05-2013  |  
exelente! Excellent!
09-03-2013  |  
Its great my kind of music. grew up listening to this its in the blood