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Radio station:

WMUD Farm Fresh Radio 102.9 FM

Country: US - Vermont
Language: English
City: Burlington VT
Stream type: M3U
Genre: Various & Other - Local radio
Rating: WMUD Farm Fresh Radio 102.9 FM Rating 5 stars


► Listen to WMUD Farm Fresh Radio 102.9 FM online now!

Listen to WMUD Farm Fresh Radio 102.9 FM now!

WMUD Farm Fresh Radio 102.9 FM Reviews

20-12-2013  |  
Enjoy your selection of music. I've never really been a top 40's person.
25-02-2013  |  
Juke Joint
Best station in VT by leaps because it knows no bounds.
14-11-2012  |  
BY far the best fm station in the State of VT !!!!!!!
19-10-2012  |  
While visiting my son and daughter-in- law in Burlington, Danielle always had Farm Fresh on. I loved the station and all the songs. I live in Colorado and have your station playing on my computer in the background. Reminds me of the fun I have had in Vermont with my kids. Great radio station.
17-09-2012  |  
Fantastic! A great mix of tunes that aren't often heard elsewhere.

This station is an offshoot of the now defunct WMUD. While Farm Fresh is slightly more commercial (just a few adds) the program list still holds true to less frequently heard talent with a nice sprinkling of more nationally known artists.
29-08-2012  |  
One of my top 5 stations