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Radio station:

Eternal Music Webradio

Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
City: São Paulo
Stream type: Windows Media Player
Genre: Various & Other - Easy Listening
Rating: Eternal Music Webradio Rating 5 stars


► Listen to Eternal Music Webradio online now!

Listen to Eternal Music Webradio now!

Eternal Music Webradio Reviews

21-08-2014  |  
Please, the radio changed Site and IP Streaming, could you change it please? Thanks a lot!

Radio Shaker reply: Thank you for your help! we've changed the website address and stream url.
31-10-2013  |  
the radio changed it IP to http://...
could you change it? please, thanks a lot

Radio Shaker Reply: Thank you very much for your help! We've updated the station.
30-10-2013  |  
William T
The most beautiful music.
17-10-2013  |  
Excellent and relaxing easy listening music.
02-04-2013  |  
One of the best stations.
29-03-2013  |  
One of the best i have found as of 3-28-13. Thank you for this great sound.
31-08-2012  |  
It shall be notes: mixture of melodies, genres, rhythms is tremendously good for my taste. It sounds very rich and pleasant; it can be listened round' a clock as a real background music. Congratulations