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Radio station:

Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio

Country: US - Texas
Language: English
City: Grand Prairie TX
Stream type: MP3 64k
Genre: Various & Other - Christian
Rating: Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio Rating 5 stars


► Listen to Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio online now!

Listen to Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio now!

Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio Reviews

18-10-2013  |  
Always a pleasure to listen in.
28-07-2013  |  
It makes a great difference when upon waking up or rising in the morning you are able to listen to God's message thru the music brought about by your station. God bless mightily! Thank you!
18-07-2013  |  
Romy I
Listening to your station makes my day so complete and glorious. Thank you!
12-07-2013  |  
romy i
Im so at ease/ happy to be listening to your station! Thank you!
25-05-2013  |  
I get so concerned when at times this is off the air.
19-05-2013  |  
Everytime I listen to this station my heart and mind find new insights and inspiratons to face the challenges of the day! Thanks!
16-05-2013  |  
Very inspiring and uplifting music!
09-05-2013  |  
Im getting addicted to your music!
29-04-2013  |  
You're doing excellent service to humaniy! I thank God for you!
05-04-2013  |  
As a born again believer it keeps me focussed and motivated throughout the day.
05-04-2013  |  
I thank God for for this station that provides beautiful and inspiring music
02-03-2013  |  
Beautiful music - not like the modern radio stations who have rock concert formats all the time
15-01-2013  |  
Im constantly listening to this station! thank you for the beautiful/inspiring messsages thru musc!
29-11-2012  |  
Dwight T.
I appreciate this station greatly...wonderful reflective music...conducive for study and meditation
27-11-2012  |  
14-11-2012  |  
Great that all got say about that !!!
13-10-2012  |  
I Praise God and Thank Him for your committed service providing the world inspiring wonderful music!!!
13-10-2012  |  
love being able to listen to good christian music without being bombarded with rock concert type church music.
... John, B., Australia
01-09-2012  |  
Many thanks for bringing back the
Christian music of the past.
Keep up the Good Work.