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Radio station:

Foxy 99.1 FM

Country: US - North Carolina
Language: English
City: Fayetteville NC
Stream type: MP3 56k
Genre: Urban - R&B
Rating: Foxy 99.1 FM Rating 4 stars


► Listen to Foxy 99.1 FM online now!

Listen to Foxy 99.1 FM now!

Foxy 99.1 FM Reviews

11-01-2014  |  
Off the chain.
18-10-2013  |  
I have to agree with miss Melissa this station is perfect for any body. I listen to it when im studying
17-10-2013  |  
Rachel G
Im recently visit my daughter at north carolina fort Bragg and now aim back home at Puerto Rico get this radio station online and listen to it every day i loved
17-07-2013  |  
23-06-2013  |  
I like this radio station. Love sunday. It shouldn't be this hard to locate you.
24-04-2013  |  
this my faviorit station alway playin the songs u want 2 hear
05-01-2013  |  
Akejah (ah-kay-yah)
#1 Station for good music. Foxy 99
03-10-2012  |  
I am listening from afghan ..making me miss Fayetteville.
28-09-2012  |  
I personally think that this is the perfect site for a student like me who does work and listens to music. It is simple ! I would love to see this site expand ! I think that there should be more sites like this !