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Online radio, urban music

The online radio urban stations of Radio Shaker bring you a large variety of urban music. This form of music has roots in rhythm and blues and soul music and knows many African-American influences. The Radio Shaker's urban radio selection is a unique mix of urban music. Take a shake and discover the world's urban stations!

Urban genres

Urban music is founded by Frankie Crocker, a New York disk jockey mid 1970s. Today urban contemporary radio stations have playlists with music genres like: • Hip-hop
• Rap
• Contemporary R&B
• pop
• Electronica
• Caribbean music
• Reggae
• Reggaeton
• Soca

African-American and Latin

Soul music and rhythm and blues are the fundaments of urban music. The music form was popular in cities with many African-American inhabitants such as Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta. For African Americans contemporary R&B became the most important genre. Latinos developed their own Latin urban as reggaeton, Latin hip-hop and bachata.

Visit our urban radio selection and enjoy all sorts of tropical urban stations!


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