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Radio station:

Recuerdo 102.9 FM

Country: US - California
Language: Spanish
City: San Diego CA
Stream type: Windows Media Player
Genre: Tropical - Latin
Rating: Recuerdo 102.9 FM Rating 4 stars


► Listen to Recuerdo 102.9 FM online now!

Listen to Recuerdo 102.9 FM now!

Recuerdo 102.9 FM Reviews

26-05-2013  |  
excellent when works
06-12-2012  |  
this is a good station i like this
05-12-2012  |  
I love it you need the to get the old morning show and djs back on the air
05-12-2012  |  
La mejor estación por la música de el recuerdo.
The best season for music from the memory.
20-11-2012  |  
i like the stacion 102.09 f.m
11-10-2012  |  
me gusta recuerdo por que me hace recordar mi pasado. con mi familia, y amigos. gracias por las canciones que ponen.
I like to remember that I am reminded of my past. with my family, and friends. thanks for the songs being played.