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Radio station:

EPersian Radio

Country: US - California
Language: Persian
Stream type: MP3 48k
Genre: Talk
Rating: EPersian Radio Rating 4 stars


► Listen to EPersian Radio online now!

Listen to EPersian Radio now!

EPersian Radio Reviews

19-10-2013  |  
Why I can lessen epersian now
31-08-2013  |  
Obviously Radio Shaker is one of sympathizers of Iran regime. At 18:30 local time when Radio Israel get started, it's get shut off and doesn't work at all. Keep supporting Iranian. One day you would understand that you were absolutely wrong.

Greetings Javiar, Radio Shaker is a radio portal. We are not in any way responsible for content that is broadcasted by one of the more than 17.000 radio stations. We at Radio Shaker believe in free speech and therefor list all stations of the world. We try to avoid racist or any sexual content on our website. Where it considers a political opinion it is your choice to listen to a station or not.
04-08-2013  |  
Hassan R
In some hours of a day it is impossible to listen to EPersian radio.
20-07-2013  |  
i love the radio it makes everything more easy to reach. good luck.
11-10-2012  |  
i dont know