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Online radio, talk radio

The online radio talk stations of Radio Shaker bring you a large variety of talk radio. This interactive form of radio gives listeners all possibilities to express their opinions. The Radio Shaker's talk radio selection is a unique mix of talk stations. Take a shake and discover the world's talk radio stations!

Talk along

Talk radio mostly is an open platform for discussions on different issues, lead by one host. Listeners call in by telephone and contribute to conversations. Usually producers screen the contributors to optimize the audience and advertisers interest.

Talk radio genres

Talk radio stations are known in genres like:
• Conservative talk
• Hot talk
• Progressive talk
• Sports talk

On internet talk radio has increased enormously. Because of the low costs and affordable technology, almost everybody can start an internet radio station.

Talk hosts

Talk radio originated in the 1940s in the New York's WMA studio. First talk stations started in a classic form to announce music with small talk but evolved to provoke listeners to participate in discussions. Famous talk radio hosts are Barry Gray, George Roy Clough and Alan Courtney. They are considered the godfathers of talk radio.

Visit our talk radio selection and enjoy all sorts of talk radio stations!


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