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Radio station:

Power Rock 69.9 (Sonic Sedition)

Country: US - California
Language: English
City: Los Angeles
Stream type: Windows Media Player
Genre: Rock - Metal & Heavy Metal
Rating: Power Rock 69.9 (Sonic Sedition) Rating 4 stars


► Listen to Power Rock 69.9 (Sonic Sedition) online now!

Listen to Power Rock 69.9 (Sonic Sedition) now!

Power Rock 69.9 (Sonic Sedition) description

At Power Rock 69.9, The SS (Sonic Sedition) you’re always in the front row. You’ll hear the best cutting edge Active Rock & Metal out today. You’ll also hear many of the artists that they don’t or can’t played on commercial radio stations worldwide. And it’s uncensored, the way the artists intended it to be heard.

So, plan on hearing about 350 different songs in a 24 hour day. Songs you know and some you have never heard before. We also DO NOT repeat any one song in the same day, giving you the best variety of music anywhere!

Power Rock 69.9 (Sonic Sedition) Reviews

18-04-2014  |  
I like it.
12-01-2014  |  
Killer station! One of the best metal & hard rock stations I've heard. Excellent variety.
12-08-2013  |  
Best radio 'ive heard.
26-02-2013  |  
Davey D
Great rock and metal station that plays a lot of bands I've never heard.