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Radio station:

Vorterix Rock 103.1

Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
City: Buenos Aires
Stream type: Windows Media Player
Genre: Rock - Alternative
Rating: Vorterix Rock 103.1 Rating 5 stars


► Listen to Vorterix Rock 103.1 online now!

Listen to Vorterix Rock 103.1 now!

Vorterix Rock 103.1 description

Una buena combinación de periodistas jóvenes tanto en diferentes géneros del rock y también nueva generación de periodistas (ej. Sietecase).

A good combination of young journalists both in different genres of rock and new generation of journalists.

Vorterix Rock 103.1 Reviews

02-10-2014  |  
I can't listen to this radio, I don't know why!

Radio Shaker reply: Hi Leandro, Vorterix Rock 103.1
changed their stream address, It should work once again.
03-04-2013  |  
I can listen to this radio station. I don't know why!!!
15-11-2012  |  
I doesn't work in my computer. I am from Argentina. However, I can listen to for example BBC1 or BBC4! So, why I can listen to local radio like this one (another I can't listen to is "Radio del Plata AM 1030", argentinian too)?
27-10-2012  |  
danny ale
18-10-2012  |  
Radio Shaker
When we play this station, it works for us. Could be a problem on their end.
18-10-2012  |  
I can not listent to! Please, could you fix the problem?
09-10-2012  |  
No la puedo escuchar. I can't listent to
No se conecta. When I clik on the station, it does not connect.