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Online radio, rock music

The online radio rock stations of Radio Shaker bring you a large variety of rock music. This form of music has developed in many subgenres since the 1940s. The Radio Shaker's rock music selection is a unique mix of rock stations. Take a shake and discover the world's best rock stations!

Rockin' to mainstream

Rock music originated in the 1940s and 50s with rock and roll, rhythm and blues and country music. It's a sort of popular music and evolved into mainstream during the sixties. Electric guitars, bass, drums and keyboard gave rock music it's characteristic sound that would develop into today's rock music.

Rock subgenres

Rock music uses unsyncopated rhythms with a reparative snare drum back beat in combination with guitar solos and a typical melody. Subgenres of rock music are among:
• Folk rock
• Blues-rock
• Jazz-rock fusion
• Soft rock
• Glam rock
• Heavy metal
• Hard rock
• Progressive rock
• Punk rock
• New wave
• Hardcore punk
• Alternative rock
• Grunge
• Britpop
• Indie rock
• Nu metal

Rock band

Most rock bands have a lead singer, an electric guitarist, a bass guitarist and a drummer. Sometimes the band also includes musicians like keyboardist, rhythm guitarists and extra vocalist. Nowadays rock music includes also music forms from pop music to hip-hop.

Visit our rock radio selection and enjoy all sorts of rock music!


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