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Radio station:

WAKB Magic 100.9 FM

Country: US - Georgia
Language: English
City: Augusta GA
Stream type: Win Media 32k
Genre: Retro - Oldies
Rating: WAKB Magic 100.9 FM Rating 4 stars


► Listen to WAKB Magic 100.9 FM online now!

Listen to WAKB Magic 100.9 FM now!

WAKB Magic 100.9 FM Reviews

20-01-2013  |  
Mary H.
I love this station, yet I keep having problems getting it to play
31-12-2012  |  
best old school music in america
16-11-2012  |  
Love this station
01-11-2012  |  
I love your station, the variety of music. Keep up the good work, makes me wish I was down south.
10-10-2012  |  
i love it its got my favorit raido station magic on it defently one of the best radio stations
04-10-2012  |  
It is the best old school station in the world. Please don't leave the airways.
23-09-2012  |  
This is my station period.