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Radio station:

UVA 90.5

Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish
City: Aguascalientes
Stream type: Windows Media Player
Genre: Retro - Oldies
Rating: UVA 90.5 Rating 4 stars


► Listen to UVA 90.5 online now!

Listen to UVA 90.5 now!

UVA 90.5 description

This radio station is a good option for those who miss the real music, the 70's, 80's, 90s and retro music, I really love because they select the hits at the time to share with full hearing and remind so many beautiful moments.

UVA 90.5 Reviews

14-09-2013  |  
Eduardo R
Lo unico rescatable es el noticiero con jaoquin lopez doriga por que aburre tanto comercial,, la musica muy buena, pero insisto mucho bla bla bla y poca musica!!
The only silver lining is the news with Jaoquin Lopez Doriga that commercial so bored, very good music, but I do a lot bla bla bla and little music!
12-09-2013  |  
Eduardo R
Lo unico realmente bueno es el noticiero con Joaquin Lopez Doriga.
The only really good news is with Joaquin Lopez Doriga.
06-07-2013  |  
I want hear good music from u radio station
20-05-2013  |  
XE2AWW....Alfonso L
Thanks Pedrito Rivas (RIP) .... for this season.
19-05-2013  |  
Alfonso L
Gran estación, de las mejores en México.
Saludos a toda la comunidad UVA. Gran Idea de Don Pedrito Rivas (RIP) Amigo y maestro en las artes de la Radio.
Great season, the best in Mexico. Greetings to all the UVA community. Great Idea of Don Pedrito Rivas (RIP) friend and teacher in the arts of Radio.
02-05-2013  |  
Fabian SH
The best radio station in Internet.
02-10-2012  |  
23-09-2012  |  
Is great, i believe is the beter.
19-09-2012  |  
05-09-2012  |  
The best radio!!!!
02-09-2012  |  
Marco Lopez
Me encanta que alla un siotio gratuito para escuchar cualquier estacion de raio
30-08-2012  |  
The best radio in hole world. Congratulations!!!!