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Online radio, 70s music

Radio Shaker has a large collection of streaming radio stations with 70s music. You can listen to the 70s music online here at Radio Shaker. In the 70s a rich form of music was created in various genres. This includes funk, jazz, rock and pop.

Disco and reggae became popular in America. The biggest selling artist in the 70s was Elvis Presley. Both Bob Marley reached the top of the chars creating a new audience for reggae music. Disco music was also very popular in the dance clubs during the 70s. The Beatles who were also popular in the 60s released their final official album. In the 70s, jazz music began to use elements of funk and rock music, the powerful electric rhythm sections of this blend is now called fusion.

Listen to the blend of all these genres in the online 70s radio stations.

70s online radio stations