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Online radio stations | Radio Shaker

The online radio stations of Radio Shaker bring you a large variety of internet radio from all over the world and almost any genre. From the smallest indie rock station to the hottest dance streams. Our team of radio specialist has search the web and selected the hottest stations for the radio Shaker database. Take a shake and discover the world's best radio stations.

New music experiences.

Online radio stations date from well back in the 1990s and can be listened to on the internet. Also called webcasting, internet radio is not a form of transmission but a way of downloading streams to the computer of listeners. Internet radio can be accessed from any place in the world, as long as there's an internet connection. Therefore it opens cultures and new music experiences globally. Because online radio stations don't depend on traditional, local radio networks and technology is widely and affordable available, the number of internet radio stations is growing daily.

Radio station genres

The Radio Shaker selection of online radio stations is divided into these most popular genres:
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Rock radio stations
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Tropical radio stations
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Various & Other radio stations
World radio stations

Niche stations

Streaming media is the technology behind online radio, providing a nonstop stream of music. This is different from podcasting, which can be downloaded and be paused and replayed. One of the advantages of online radio is the possibility to listen to stations with a specific music assortment. These niche stations can't be broadcasted in the traditional way and play music like:
• Eurodance
• Progressive rock
• Ambient music
• Folk music
• Classical music

Online radio stations also provide news, stand-up comedy, sports and talk radio.

Visit our online radio selection and enjoy great music stations!