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Radio station:

Always Elvis Radio

Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
City: Internet
Stream type: Windows Media Player
Genre: Pop - Classic hits
Rating: Always Elvis Radio Rating 4 stars


► Listen to Always Elvis Radio online now!

Listen to Always Elvis Radio now!

Always Elvis Radio description

Elvis music 24/7

Always Elvis Radio Reviews

22-06-2016  |  
Great station!!! TLC
22-11-2015  |  
thanks a lot for the music. i love it very much
and found two new numbers van the king
that i not have.
greetz elvis fan
30-05-2015  |  
Doc Haught
Loved the station..turned a lot of dire hard Evis fans on to it .. Is it no longer free; or is Apple trying to make a buck of what was
Elvis Always Radio (free)
10-04-2015  |  
Great music
21-02-2015  |  
Wilf from Flensburg
Hi Guys, sice few days I dont receive any Songs on Alwas Elvis Radio,
What happend ?

Radio Shaker reply: The station is working for us, can you try again?
18-02-2015  |  
Excellent radio station. They play a good mix of Elvis songs all day long!
15-12-2014  |  
don b
thanks very very much.
26-07-2014  |  
thomas m
they only have a few songs on the thing before it shuts off
29-06-2014  |  
When I listen to Elvis here on Radio Shaker I get so motivated to do all I need to do all day. I love it.
05-04-2014  |  
Great radio station...Just loving all the Elvis music!
09-01-2014  |  
D. Wayne - Alabama Elvis
Love this station! Always Elvis, how could you go wrong? Keep it up, sounds great in Alabama.
09-12-2013  |  
Love this station and enjoy the same music as Elvis Radio, but this one is totally free
20-09-2013  |  
The best station on the waves
11-08-2013  |  
Ok - I love listening to this station because of it always playing Elvis - but I don't understand the "licking/slurping" noise made by the radio announcer
11-08-2013  |  
it's great - always great
15-05-2013  |  
tanya from nashville, tn
Love Elvis - if you take requests, could you play "I was the One" or "Polk Salad Annie" - thanks!
11-05-2013  |  
love, love, love ELVIS!!!
17-03-2013  |  
I love, love, love Elvis, so I love that you play him ALL the time!!!
17-03-2013  |  
elvis is the king. for ever and ever.
glad he has his own radio station!