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Online radio, Adult contemporary music

Radio Shaker has a huge collection of streaming radio stations with Adult contemporary pop music. You can listen to the Adult contemporary music online here at Radio Shaker. Adult contemporary music also known as AC is a very broad popular music style that ranges from ballad-heavy music to the lush 60s vocal music.

AC streaming radio stations play mainstream music, this excludes hard rock, hip hop and youth orientated music. The Adult contemporary music genre is intended for a more adult audience. Online radio stations playing AC music often target the 25 to 55 year olds. These days AC is diverted into several sub-genres, soft AC, hot AC, urban AC, rhythmic AC, smooth AC and Christian AC. Some streaming radio stations only play Christian AC, those can be found in our Various & Other – Christian music shakes.

Shake many times to discover all the online Adult contemporary radio stations that Radio Shaker has to offer, from hot AC to smooth AC.

Adult contemporary online radio stations