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Online radio, pop music

The online radio pop stations of Radio Shaker bring you a large variety of pop music. This 'popular' music is the best-known music form and has concurred many hearts since the sixties. The Radio Shaker's pop selection is a unique mix of top stations. Take a shake and discover the world's best pop stations.

Sentimental and rock

Pop music is short for popular music and started in the 1960s as a music form for the youth. Simple love songs and rock and roll dominated pop music all over the world. In the beginning pop was mostly about sentimental ballads, enriched with vocal harmonies from gospel and soul music. Later on jazz, country, rock and electronic music, hip hop and rap influenced pop music to become the music form it is nowadays.

Anglo-American pop

Since the sixties, pop music was mostly made by the American and British music industries and became a leading culture. Next to the Anglo-American sound, most other regions have their own pop music forms like Europop, which had an important influence on the development of pop music throughout the world.

Visit our pop radio selection and enjoy all sorts of pop music!


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