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Radio station:

Irish Country Music Radio

Country: Ireland
Language: English
Stream type: Windows Media Player
Genre: Country
Rating: Irish Country Music Radio Rating 4 stars


► Listen to Irish Country Music Radio online now!

Listen to Irish Country Music Radio now!

Irish Country Music Radio Reviews

26-12-2015  |  
I like this station
15-02-2015  |  
Brilliant station,great music,nice DJ's.
29-12-2013  |  
very good
17-12-2013  |  
It is Irish Country Radio that I am referring to in my previous message.
17-12-2013  |  
The music is good....but there is a lot of waffle with some of the DJ's.
16-12-2013  |  
The best!
28-10-2013  |  
Brilliant if it didn't keep buffering all the time
23-10-2013  |  
radio shaker is the best
try it for yourself
14-07-2013  |  
margaret m
very lovey music
07-07-2013  |  
Love this station. If I could make one suggestion it would be to show the name of the artist as well as the name of the CD or album so I could purchase the ones I like the most. Please continue to keep this wonderful station on air.
11-06-2013  |  
James M
Love it just heard some one that makes THE HOP ON TCRFM 92.3 sound good
07-06-2013  |  
great going
30-05-2013  |  
very good.
27-05-2013  |  
excellant home from home
22-05-2013  |  
suberb radio station just discovered it
22-05-2013  |  
Hoo Cha Moo
Best sound system and high-fidelity quality help music lover login to Irish Country Music Radio from Radio Ireland by Radio Shaker Com, regards and thanks.
11-05-2013  |  
Hoo Cha Moo
Thank you Radio Shaker com for this unique high definition sound system in this site by Irish Country Music Radio from Radio Ireland, by Music Lover!, regards.
10-05-2013  |  
Hoo Cha Moo
Thank you Radio Shaker Com for providing us this unique radio station for us to enjoy and listen to Irish Country Radio from Ireland - nice and clear high-fidelity sound system.
03-05-2013  |  
irish country music radio
pure class home from home long may it last
03-05-2013  |  
Irish country music radio is the best and the standard of the artists and their music is no1 in the world
03-05-2013  |  
Hoo Cha Moo
Thank you Radio Shaker Com for provided us this unique songs and music for us to listen and enjoy during our relax after our wholeday work.
25-04-2013  |  
It is possible to have the title of the song on your web site.
24-04-2013  |  
i listen every night, great?
19-04-2013  |  
mary p
love it!
13-04-2013  |  
Hoo Cha Moo
Nice sound system and hi-fidelity quality make us enjoy your radio station and we login in Irish Country Music Radio. Regards.
12-04-2013  |  
Hoo Cha Moo
Unique Hi-Fi system and clearity sound quality gives us relax listening pleasure for the whole night in Malaysia.
07-04-2013  |  
Hoo Cha Moo
Thank you Radio Shaker Com for helping us to locate this station and login to this Irish Radio Satation from Irelang after a hard days work back home have a shower then relax and enjoy this unique music and songs from this station.
24-03-2013  |  
Great music
19-03-2013  |  
19-03-2013  |  
07-03-2013  |  
Hoo Cha Moo
Good sound system and is a unique station by providing nice music and songs when relax listening to this Irish Country Music radio from Ireland by radio shaker com. Regards, Thank you.
20-02-2013  |  
the best
19-02-2013  |  
thomas w.
brillant radio station
09-02-2013  |  
Good Man Joe Harrington playing great music as you always did it was great to see you today Joe you might Play a good rebel song or a reel for my son Ger Ryan in Toronto Canada also say hello to my family and friends in Tipperary Laois and Bruff in Limerick Keep her Lit JOE and thanks Davy Ryan
09-02-2013  |  
My first time listning in to Irish Country Music Radio Station I must say I am very impressed
08-12-2012  |  
Kwame UK
Excellent smooth country selections. Pls keep up the good work
11-11-2012  |  
very good
07-10-2012  |  
margaret m. from newcastilupon tyne
love music
04-10-2012  |  
Hoo Cha Moo
Thank you Radio Shaker Com for providing this unique Station gives us after our wholeday works when have free time and relax just login to this Radio Station and enjoying this loving unique Music and Songs in high quality and fielity sound system.