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Online radio, country music

The online radio country stations of Radio Shaker bring you a large variety of country music. This music form is a blend of traditional and popular music with musical legends like Elvis Presley. The Radio Shaker's country selection is a unique mix of top stations. Take a shake and discover the world's best country stations.

Hillbilly to country

Country music, also known as 'Country and Western music', was first heard in the Southern United States and the Canadian Maritimes around 1920. By then it was called hillbilly music and changed into 'country music' in the 1940s because of the negative term 'hillbilly'.

Presley and Brooks

In the 1970s country music was widely spread throughout the world. There are many different styles mostly in Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The most famous country musicians are Elvis Presley and Garth Brooks, selling millions or records. Elvis Presley became later on famous for his part in the emergence of Rock and Roll.

Visit our country radio selection and enjoy great compositions!


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